N.B. You must have main user rights to create a new unit.

Creating a new unit happens in three steps. The unit is created on the “settings” (“asetukset”) tab. In order for it to show on the “clients” (“asiakkaat”) tab, you need to add a main user and a client.  After this the unit is added to the booking section.

1. Creating a new unit

a) Start creating a new unit on the “settings” (“asetukset”) tab at the “units” (“yksiköt”)  section and then “units´  information” (“yksiköiden tiedot”). 

b) Add a new unit to the chart by clicking the “new row” button. This creates a new blank row on the top of the chart. 

c) Fill in the unit information onto the newly created row by double clicking the field you want to add the necessary info to.  Information is saved automatically so you do not need to click the “save” (“tallenna”) button separately. 

After the information is added the chart will automatically convert to alphabetical order, based on the chosen column.

2. Adding a main user and a client

In order for the unit to be visible on the “clients” (“asiakkaat”) tab you must add the first client (the client can be a test client) as well as a user (main user, for example).

2.1 Adding a user to the unit

A user can be added to a unit either from “creating a user” (“käyttäjän luonti”) or from settings (“asetukset”).

a) You can also create a brand new user and fill in the necessary information.

b) ...or you can pick from already existing users and change their home-unit to be the one you just created. 

c) Add/change the home unit to correlate with the new unit. 

Creating a user -tab: 

Settings- tab:

2.2 Adding a client to a unit

A new client is added to a unit from the bottom of the “clients” (“asiakkaat”) tab. 

a) Create a new client (which can be a test client) by clicking the “create a new client” (“luo uusi asiakas”) button. 

b) Fill in the client`s information. 

c) Set the unit to be the one you just created. 

After creating a new client the unit you just created will be visible on the client`s list.

3. Creating a booking section for the unit

In order for tasks to be directed to the unit and billing to be passed through them, the unit must still be added to the booking section. 

N.B. You do not need to add a booking section for housing services, unless you want to use a mobile.

You can find instructions for adding a unit to a booking section here »