Contract products are products and services that are paid by the municipality of residence of the client. In this case, a so-called service contract is set up on DomaCare. The contract products will be priced on the service contract. 

Contract products are charged and priced based on the contracts. The same product may be used in multiple contracts, and different contracts may have different prices. For example, a day of enhanced care may have different prices in Turku and in Raisio. In this case, only one contract product is created (called Enhanced care / 24h) and it is added to both Turku`s and Raisio`s contracts. Their prices are defined differently and based on the contracts in the “price list” (“hinnasto”) section.

1. 1. Creating a contract product

Contract products are created on the “billing” (“laskutus”) tab in the “products” (“tuotteet”) section by clicking the “add a product” (“lisää tuote”) button on the lower right corner.

Name the product and choose the charging principle to be “service contract” (“palvelusopimus”). If you want to, you can also pick the “product category” (“tuote kategoria”) where the product belongs to. If there are no categories, instructions for creating them can be found farther down. Fill in the other necessary spaces and press the “save” (“tallenna”) button to go forward.

N.B. We advise you not to add the price in the “products” (“tuotteet”) section, as the price for contract products is defined in the contract.

The program opens a new window where you can pick which contract your newly-created product will be part of. Pick the right contract(s) and press the “save” (“tallenna”) button.

After creating a new product, the already existing products can be seen on the right by checking the box “all” (“kaikki”) on the category section on the left. Another way is to pick the category where the newly created product is located in. 

You can create more categories by clicking the “add category” (“lisää kategoria”) button on the lower edge of the “category” section. Underneath the categories, you can group together products that you have created based on their intended use (for example, food services and housing services).

Products are sorted in the section alphabetically, which means that the product you just created can be found by its name. The product can be edited by pressing the “edit” (“muokkaa”) button on the bottom edge of the product`s segment.

You can also set different kinds of qualifying periods for the products. Read more here »

2. Pricing contract products

There are two ways to price contract products: either in the “price list” (“hinnasto”) section or in the “contracts” (“sopimukset”) section.

2.1 In the Price list section

Contract products can be prized in the “price list” (“hinnasto”) segment in the “billing” (“laskutus”) section. This is done in the same way as with unit products. The product you just created can be seen automatically in the price list under the category under which you put it.

You can add a new contract by clicking the green plus-button next to the product`s name. You can also edit an already existing contract and it`s price by clicking the blue, pen-shaped button.

Once you have clicked the pen-shaped button, a new window opens. You can alter an already existing price by pushing the “edit spaces” (“muokkaa kenttiä”) button or by adding a change in price by clicking the “add a change in price” (“luo hinnanmuutos”) button.

Once you have clicked the “add a change in price” button, a new window opens. There it is possible for you to create a new price as well as assign a start date for it. This way, you can schedule future changes in prices ahead of time. For example, for when the year changes. Finally, click the “save” (“tallenna”) button.

The new price change can now be seen last in the list and will come into effect on the start date. The price currently in effect is seen on the top of the list. It has also automatically been created an end date as a result of the change in price.

Leave the page by clicking the “back to the previous page” (“takaisin edelliselle sivulle”) button.

2.2 In the Contracts section

Contract products can also be priced in the “billing” (“laskutus”) section`s “contracts” (“sopimukset”) part. 

a) Choose the contract linked to the contract product.

b) The “show the price list” (“näytä hinnasto”) button may not be visible to you depending on the size of your screen, so you may have to scroll to the screen`s lower right corner to see it.

c) Press the “show the price list” (“näytä hinansto”) button.

In the new window, you can see all of the products linked to the contract in question. If your product can not be found in the list, you can add it by clicking the “add products” (“lisää tuotteita”) button.

You can edit the product shown in the list by clicking the blue pen-shaped button on the end of the row.

You can assign a price for a contract product in the “new fixed price” section that can be found in the “create a new change in price” (“luo uusi hinnanmuutos”) window. The price can be made to change on a specific day. You can use this feature when you want the price to change on New Years, for example. This way, you can schedule a change in price ahead of time. Press “save” to save the changes.

3. Assigning a contract for a client

In order for the contract products in the contract to be charged from the client correctly, you must assign the contract to the client. There are three ways to do this.

3.1 In the customer information on Customers” (“asiakas”) tab

You can assign a contract to a client on the client`s own customer page (“asiakassivu”). Open the client`s information on the “clients” (“asiakkaat”) tab. 

a) In the upper right corner of the page, there is a euro-sign. By clicking that button you can assign the service contract to the client.

Once you have clicked the euro-sign, a new window opens. The service contract section can be found in the lower left corner. 

b) By pressing the button in the “service contracts” (“palvelusopimus”) section, the client`s service contract history becomes visible to you.

c) Have a look at the NB-section concerning the payer`s information.

In the new window, you can see a list of the client`s service contracts that the client either currently has or has had in the past. You can add a new service contract from the drop-down menu located in the bottom of the page, as well as set the start date for the service contract. Press the “set the contract” (“aseta sopimus”) button. Now the contract can be found in the list. Finally, to accept all the changes made, press the “save” (“tallenna”) button.

Take these into account:

On DomaCare, there are two right ways to assign a contract to a client. 

1) A new contract is assigned to start from the client`s arrival month`s 1. day without deleting the un-defined contract. In this case, it is assumed that there is nothing to be charged from the client from the prior month.

For example:

2) A new contract is added (with whatever date) and the un-defined contract is deleted. In this case, the newly added contract becomes effective backwards, and ensures that mth-bills are added to the fee.

For example:

NB. The “ “ marking means that the contract is effective backwards.

Changing the client`s first/only contract to be effective backwards for the time being is a DomaCare feature that ensures that billing works smoothly. This feature is needed with mth-priced products, as the program can not calculate the price without an active contract. 

If you want the start date of the client`s contract to be visible, you should not delete the initial un-defined contract. In this case, you must remember to make the new contract`s start date the first day of the client`s arrival month (if there is nothing to charge from the prior month).

NB. If there are exceptions in the guidance information, such as service vouchers or customer shares, changes can be done to those defaults by pressing the “payer`s information” (“maksajan tiedot”) button. For example, a 1500 euro service voucher can be defined so that the first 1500 euros of a care/1day product is directed to the city and the rest to the client.

Here is more information considering rules of payment. Read more here »

3.2 3.2 In the Contracts section of the Billing tab

You can assign a contract to a client in the “billing” (“laskutus”) tab`s “contracts” (“sopimukset”) section by opening the contract and clicking “assign to clients” (“anna asiakkaille”) in the lower right corner.

If you want to, you can assign a contract to multiple clients simultaneously. Accept the changes by clicking the “save” (“tallenna”) button. You may also set a start date for the contract, for example if the client transfers to the new contract on a specific day.

3.3 In the Customer information section of the Billing tab

You can assign a contract to a client on the “billing” tab`s “customer information” (“asiakastiedot”) section.

a) Choose a unit.

b) Press the “show chosen ones” (“näytä valitut”) button on the bottom of the screen.

c) Press the blue pen-shaped button next to the client`s name.

Once you have clicked the pen-shaped button, a new window opens with a list of contracts that the client has had in the past and ones that they currently have. Add the new contract by choosing it from the drop-down menu on the bottom of the window. Set it a start date and press “set contract” (“aseta sopimus”). The contract can now be found in the list. Press the “save” button to accept the new contract.

Now that the right service contract has been assigned to the client, you must charge the right product from them. This is done because a single contract may have three daily-priced products, which means that simply assigning the contract to the client is not enough to activate the charging.

Here you can find instructions for charging unit- and service contracts from a client. Read more here »