A purchase service contract with the municipality with specified prices and  invoicing rules for produced services. Generally a bill is sent monthly to contract payers. If a company sends 100 municipal bills in a month, there is usually the same amount of contracts.


A commitment given to a client, which the client can use to pay a portion of the cost of a service. For example, 1500e/month of the total for care or 20e/h for home-based healthcare on weekdays.


The product is created in the “products” (“tuotteet”) section and it`s attached to either contracts or units. After this, the prices can be set on the price list or within contracts. Information added to products is placed for contracts / units that they are attached to by default. That is why it`s better not to set the price unless the product is a so called “euro product” (“eurotuote”), which can be different priced for every client and is 1 euro for each.


DomaCare`s term for repetitive billing. For example, product Rent/mth is made into a service package and is made to recur to the client monthly. Another example is care/daily. Multiple different products can belong to the same package as long as the repetition time is the same. Rent/mth, water/mth and electricity/mth could be in the same package. Packages are composed client–specifically, but it is possible to hook multiple clients to one package. Service packages always have a beginning and ending date. Packages can be extended to multiple people at the same time. It`s wise to make the ending date the end of the next year.


It is possible to set deviant payment terms to unit and contract products. This is useful especially for service vouchers. You can define them as follows, for example: Payer Municipality X pays monthly for product Care 1 day for first 1500 euros, the rest is directed to the guardian of interests.


A bill reducing factor that is defined in contracts. They are based on client`s absences, such as hospital stays and personal vacations. The waiting period can be as follows: in cases of hospital absences, the care portion is charged on the day the client leaves and when they come back, but not on full days of absence. When it comes to personal vacations the 5 first days of absence can be charged, but longer absences have a daily cost of 0 euros.