These guidelines instruct you in short how to fill in the basic information form as well as how to use the functions on the page.  Other DomaCare forms work similarly in principle.

1. Filling in the information

You can fill in the blank spaces on the forms normally (by writing onto them) or by choosing the desired section from the drop- menu. The information added and changes made are saved automatically. The form itself does not have to be saved separately.

N.B. If you have graphs on your form, you need to separately save the information added by clicking the “save” (“tallenna”) button beneath the area for adding additional information.

2. Moving with forms

You can move on by either scrolling up or down the page or by using the “jump to another section” (“hyppää kohtaan”) buttons on the upper edge of the screen. The buttons have been made to ease and quicken the process of finding the right part and then moving straight to it.

3. Archiving

If you make bigger changes to a form, you can save the old version of it with the archive function (“arkistoi”). The previous versions of the forms can be found by clicking the pull menu next to the archive (“arkistoi”) button and by choosing the version you want.

By archiving an old version of a form you create a new one in the place of the old one. After you have clicked the archive button a pop-up (as shown below) opens.

3.1 Naming (a)

The program automatically suggests the current month and year to be the name for the new version, but you can freely choose any name you want.

3.2 Clearing (b)

Here you can choose whether you want to use the already existing form as a basis for the new one. If you want to create a completely new form, you need to  add a cross to “clear normal fields” (“tyhjennä tavalliset kentät”). 

N.B. The program does not clear the fields that are used in most forms

3.3 Creating a new version (c)

Archive the already existing version of the form and create a new version to replace it by clicking “create a new version” (“luo uusi versio”). You can also click “cancel” (“peruuta”) button, in which case a new version is not created and the old one is not archived.

4. Files

You can see the attachments added to forms by clicking “attachments” (“tiedostot”) button on the upper edge of the screen. The added attachments are seen as a list.

If you want to, you can add documents of your choosing (attachments) by clicking “add an attachment” (“lisää tiedosto”) button. This opens a new pop-up.

In this view you can set the access levels of your choosing from tabs or from the drop-down menu (on the bottom of the screen) to the attachment you are adding. After this press the “choose” (“valitse”) button in order to choose the right attachment from your computer.

Finally, press “open” (“avaa”).

5. Printing

Printing happens with the “print” (“tulosta”) button in the upper edge of the form. When you press the print button, DomaCare opens the print preview onto your screen. This shows what the form will look like when printed before you print it.

Saving: You can save forms as pdf-documents onto your computer by clicking the first disc picture on the upper edge of the screen.

Printing: If you want to print the document onto a paper, all you have to do is press the button (second symbol that looks like a printer) on the upper edge of the screen.