1. A client`s valid medication list includes the following information: medicine type, pill dispenser medication, dose-dispensing, purpose, name, medicine`s record information, dosage, dispensing schedule, notices (deviant intervals, for example), forenoon, afternoon, editing time, editor, the reason for the edit, edit function and delete function.

2. New medicine can be added from the bottom of the page. In addition to medicine from the register, you can add other items needed in the client`s medicine list to the medicine`s name. For example vitamins or band-aids.

3. You can observe the required medicine in “lääkeseuranta”:

Choose the given medicine, dosage and the reason for it. After you have done that, you can add the medicine onto the list of given medication. The program simultaneously generates a new report of this onto the daily entries:

4. An exception in medicine can be reported through DomaCare. Your main user can request for its activation from us or you can send your request through the feedback channel.