Registering the client`s hospital stays and home leaves

1. Absences button. By clicking the “absences” button (“poissaolot”) you open a page where you find all of the client`s absences and home leaves. The button is located under the client`s picture.

If a client is using interval housing, the time between the client`s term ending and a new one starting are marked as absent.

2. A new absent is registered by clicking the + button, which opens the page in question:

3. Set a beginning date and time for the absence, and pick whether or not it is a personal absence (check the box), transfer to another care facility like a hospital, or the end of a term in temporary care (don`t check the box). Finally, click “save” (“tallenna”).

4. In case of a full time care facility, the program asks you to complete information on care announcement (HILMO). Answer the darkened parts and save.

5. Now the client is seen as absent and the ball representing the client`s status is red on the client list: