Through DomaCare`s clients- tab (“asiakkaat”) you can enter every customers personal client page, which contains all their information.

N.B. Click the photos to make them bigger.

N.B. Below you can see a picture of the client page from the main user`s perspective. How many features and the amount of information you see depends on your user rights.

N.B. You can change the size of the upper and lower sections with the dashed line. You just click the line, hold the button down, and drag it to make the chosen section bigger.

1. Navigation (a)

1.1 Return to client list

By clicking the “client list” button (“asiakaslista”) you return to the list.

1.2 Next/previous client

You can proceed on the client list from client to client (from the unit you have chosen or after a search) by clicking the buttons “next” (“seuraava”) and “previous” (“edellinen”). There is also a pull menu between the buttons, where you can see all of the clients you can move between. You can also move straight to a client on the pull menu.

2. Client`s information

2.1 Client`s basic information (c)

The first thing you see on the client`s page is all of their basic information, which you can edit right there or with the “client`s basic information” form. The information entirety can be edited so that the relevant info will be visible on the top portion of the screen for your organization to see. Considering the elderly, the DNR decision is essential information, whereas in home cleaning the info about keys is even more so. 

From the compact view menu you can expand the client`s basic information by clicking the “expanded view” (“laajennettu näkymä”) option.

2.2 Goals (d)

It is possible to set treatment goals for clients. Those goals will be seen as colorful symbols familiar from symbol writing.  The goals will come up simultaneously with daily entries whether on computer or on mobile.

N.B. By clicking the blue button with an “i”, you can see the progression of goals. You can also edit them and add new ones

Read more about registering goals on our mobile application here »

2.3 Picture (e)

If desired, you can set a profile picture for each client. The picture will be seen with the client on both computer and mobile. Set the picture by clicking “change” (“vaihda”) under the picture.

2.4 Info-box (f)

This space is always reserved to display important things that require special attention. For instance: blood-borne disease, further information on DNR decision, client specific directions in case of emergencies etc. 

N.B. The information in the info- box can also be seen on client`s page on mobile and is linked with any tasks that have to do with the client.

2.5 Resident information (g)

Unit info and  room`s number can be seen below the basic information, as well as the arrival date and whether the clients are present/absent as green/red circle. 

2.6 Absences (g)

By clicking the “absences” (“poissaolot”)  button you get to see the client`s absence list as well as add or decide an absence when needed. The absences can be personal or have to do with Hilmo.

2.7 Hilmo (g)

On the “check the box” option you can choose whether or not the client`s information will be taken to Hilmo or not. If there is no option available, there won`t be any questions considering Hilmo in accordance with absences, for example.

2.8 Deleting a client (h)

Main users have access to “delete client” button (“poista asiakas”), which can delete a client and end the calendar notes in the future and terminate billing. On DomaCare deleting a client is a two steps function. By pressing the “delete client” button you finish the first step, meaning the client is deleted, but the information still remains and can be seen. You can find the client from the last unit of the client list, which is called “deleted” (“poistetut”). From the “deleted” list you can still restore clients back.

If you want to destroy the client`s information for good, you must open the client in question again on the “deleted” unit and press the “delete client” (“poista asiakas”) button once again. When this is done, the client and all their information is gone and can not be restored back.

3. Billing the clients (b)

3.1 More billing

With the “more billing” (“lisää laskutettavaa”) button you can mark different products for client`s bill. 

3.2 Itemized billing

With itemized billing you can see services and products that have been invoiced and are going to be invoiced from a client.

3.3 Billing information

Here you set the client`s own bill`s billing address, framework agreement used by the client, services received and service vouchers.

Read more about billing functions on the billing section`s instructions here »

4. ePrescription / DomaCare Medi (k)

If you have the DomaCare Medi- ePrescription in use, the ePrescription button can be seen on the upper edge of the screen of every client`s client page. By clicking the button the client`s information is transferred to Medi and the system opens your default browser for you to sign on to Medi.

Read more about DomaCare Medi here »

5. Forms and daily entries

5.1 Tab menu (i)

You can navigate between different data concerning a client through the menu. The menu includes forms, treatment plan, daily entries and RAI- estimates, for example. The information shown on the menu is completely adaptable depending on the organization`s needs. The user`s user rights also effect what they can see on the menu.

5.2 Contents (j)

The forms chosen from the menu (for example) open up on the space on the right side of the menu. The first picture on this page shows the daily entries (having been chosen from the menu) opened next to the said menu.

Check out the DomaCare mobile application`s client page view here »