The calendar contains all the entries concerning the client, as well as entries on the unit`s general events.

1. Adding a calendar entry

A new calendar entry is added on the “plus” button (“plus”) on the bottom of the page:

1. You can set frequency for the entry

2. You can link the entry to a client, in which case the entry will show up on the client`s own calendar too.

3. If the entry is to be shown as a reminder on the front page, you can attach a daily entry headline. In this case, when you send out the entry, it is automatically added to the client`s daily entries.

4. The calendar entry itself

5. View options: team choice, sharing the entry to a certain user, unit/client calendar choice

6. Unit choice that effects the visibility of the entry between different units.

7. Saving.

2. Private calendar entry

If you want to create a personal calendar entry that is only visible to you, check the box “private entry” (“yksityinen merkintä”) when creating the new entry. Once you have saved the entry it is only visible on your own calendar.

You can also make an already existing calendar entry private by doing the same thing. Open the entry in order to edit it, check the box “private entry” (“yksityinen merkintä”) and save the changes.