In addition to the client`s own payment data, DomaCare allows the adding of other payers` information into the system. The client`s information can be edited on the client`s own pages as well as on the “billing” (“laskutus”) tab`s “payer`s information” (“maksajatiedot”) section. You can add new payers to the system from the “payer`s information” section. These are needed when creating new terms of payment and when charging third parties. 

You can find detailed instructions of terms of payment here

There may also be billing addresses for municipality payers behind their contracts. 

Read more about creating service contracts here

1. Customer`s billing address on “clients” tab

You can edit the client`s own billing information on the “clients” tab in each client`s own information by clicking the euro sign on the upper right corner.

a) Press the euro sign in order to edit the client`s billing information

b) Billing information opens into a new tab. Click the “edit” button on the upper right corner of the screen to edit the visible spaces. 

c) Fill in the empty spaces with the client`s own billing address, set the profit centre as well as additional info (service voucher number, for example).

d) With payment terms you can transfer bills or divide them for a third party to pay. Alternatively, you may also assign a contract product to a client`s own bill or a unit product to be paid by the municipality. 

You can find instructions for making payment terms here

e) Add the right service contract to the client. Service contracts go under contract products. 

You can find detailed instructions for contract products here

f) Service packages of unit- and contract products that are to be charged are assigned to clients regularly. 

Read more about defining service packages here

Read more about assigning service packages to clients here

2. Payer information on “billing” (“laskutus”) tab

You can find all of the payers information (meaning clients and other paying parties) added to the system from the “billing” (“laskutus”)  tab`s “payers information” (“maksajatiedot”) section. Contract payers information can be found in the “contracts” (“sopimukset”) section.

a) You can search for payer information from the program with “search” (“etsi”) function. In the picture shown above we have searched for payer information with the  word Hietamäki, which resulted in two search matches. The lower is the billing information of a client called Teppo Hietamäki and the upper one is his son, Matti Hietamäki`s, billing information.

b) You can also add new payer information by clicking the “add” (“lisää”) button.

c) You can filter the search results by clicking the desired unit.

d) You can edit the information on a payer information row by clicking the button that looks like a blue pen on the end of the info row you want to edit.

Once you have clicked the pen button you are allowed to edit the information. Make the changes needed and press “save” (“tallenna”) to accept them.