Regularly charged unit and contract products are assigned for clients as a part of service packages. Service packages are defined and assigned for a client on the “service packages” (“palvelupaketit”) section of the “billing” (“laskutus”) tab.

1. Adding a new service package

Service packages can be given to clients either based on previously specified service package layouts or by creating a whole new one. You can add a new service package in the “service packages” (“palvelupaketit”) section by choosing a client and then clicking the “add” (“lisää”) button at the bottom of their service package list.

It`s possible to create the same package for multiple clients. You can do that as you create the package for a specific client for the first time.

a) Once you have clicked the “add” (“lisää”) button, a new window opens with the dialog meant for creating a service package. First you can choose whether to create an entirely new service package (you just give a name and description before moving forward) or if you use an already created service package layout as a basis for a new package (cross the “use a layout” (“käytä pohjaa”) box and pick the desired layout).

b) Service packages can either include products that are prized as 24h-based or month-based, but not both.

c) Now you can choose which clients the service package is given to. In the beginning you clicked “add” (“lisää”) from a client`s service package list, that client is now your default client. You can also simultaneously assign this service package to other clients. On the left you can choose the units, from which the clients can be seen on the right (to choose from).

d) Define the period of validity for the service package as well as the frequency for billing.

For new clients the starting day is usually the date of arrival. For old clients it is the first day of the month when they want the billing to start. We recommend you to set the ending date to be the end of the following year. The program assigns monthly products to always fall on the first day of the month, so the day would be 1.12

e) You can choose the products you want to add to the service package by checking their boxes on the menu on the left. After this, choose the amount of the products on the bottom of the window (by default: one item for each product chosen). Finally, click the “add products” (“lisää tuotteita”) button in order to move your chosen products to the left-side section called “service package products” (“palvelupaketin tuotteet”). Make sure that the sums are correct (if needed, you can delete products by clicking the red “X” next to the product) and click the “next” (“seuraava”) button to continue.

NB. The so-called euro product`s prices are defined by volume at this point. In practice, the suitable amounts are added for the products (for example, 500 pieces) worth 1 euro, in which case the amount raises the price to the desired cost (in this case 500 pieces x 1 euro = 500 euros).

f) Make sure on the synopsis page that everything is correct. Then, press the “ready” (“valmis”) button to accept the service package. You can also make changes to different sections by pressing the “previous” (“edellinen”) button. This will take you back.

Paina lopuksi Tallenna-painiketta hyväksyäksesi muutokset

g) You can examine the information on the package you just created by clicking the blue info-button next to the service package`s name.

2. Creating and editing service package layouts

You can create and edit service package layouts below the “edit service package layouts” button (“muokkaa palvelupakettipohjia”). This button can be found on the left lower edge of the “service packages” (“palvelupaketit”) section. If a unit is going to have similar packages for multiple clients, it is wise to create service package layouts. This way, it is easy to put to use already existing service packages to new clients and assign them in the “adding service package” (“palvelupaketin lisäys”) stage without creating a completely new package. This saves you working hours and speeds up the process of adding a new client to the program.


a) Once you have clicked the “edit service package layouts” (“muokkaa palvelupakettipohjia”) button, a new dialog opens in a new window. At this point, you can choose to either dit an already existing service package layout or create a completely new one. In this example, we will create a new one. Editing an already existing one does not differ much from this.

b) In practice, creating service package layouts happens the same way as creating service packages. Unlike in the illustration above, we choose a monthly priced product.

c) Give the package a name. Also, now you can set the package to be a task. This means, that it will be visible to you on the task list.

d) Define the period of validity and repetition for the task.

e) Add the products to the service package. This happens in the same way as in the previous part`s example. Then, press the “ready” (“valmis”) button. The program lets you know that the package has been saved to the program.

Creating a service package layout does not mean that it has been assigned it to clients yet. The example above shows you how to add service package layouts, but in the beginning of the dialog choose to use a service package layout.

3. Continuing and ending service packages

Service packages, that have already been assigned to a client, can be edited. In practice, this means that you can prolong the package`s period of validity or end it. You can also create a new package to replace the old one.

Billing (“laskutus”) -> Service packages (“palvelupaketit”) – section has the service package bulk tool. For instance, by using that tool you can prolong all of your clients` packages by a year.

In the case of euro products, you can simultaneously continue the period of validity for a package and raise its price, for example, with percentages. Percentages are commonly used when raising rents.

When desired, you can edit your current service package`s frequency, products etc. In order to do this, click “finish” (“päätä”) and create a new package. When you do this, your current package is discontinued (on the date of your choice) and the changes will come into effect in the form of a new package.

3.1 Editing an individual package

You can edit individual service packages by clicking the blue button shaped like a pen. This button can be found on the client`s service package list, next to the service package you desire to edit. After this, you can choose from three options:

a) Continue the package. By choosing this option you prolong the period of validity for your specific package.

b) Finish the package. By choosing this option you finish the period of validity for your specific package.

c) Finish and create a new package. You finish the period of validity for your specific package and create a new package in its place.

3.2 Editing multiple packages

If you need to continue multiple service packages, the easiest way to do it is by clicking the “continue multiple service packages” (“jatka useita palvelupaketteja”) button in the lower left edge of the screen.

a) Choose the units whose client`s service packages you want to edit.

b) Choose a time span in which service packages are about to end but which you want to continue.

c) Choose the clients whose service packages you want to prolong.

d) Set a new ending date to the service packages. You can also assign an increase measured in percentages to the quantity of euro products. Euro products are used in situations such as when a unit has 34 different rents (for example in cases with square-based pricing) when it is not wise to create a new product for each rent. This way, the quantity and its additions adjust the price of the euro products to be correct.

Finally, click “save” (“tallenna”) in order to accept the changes you just made.