Client specific daily entries are written on the client`s own client page. You can browse through old entries and make new ones by choosing a client from the client list and opening their client page`s “daily entries” (“päivittäinen kirjaaminen”) tab (a).

Find out more about how to do daily entries on our mobile application here »

1. 1. Observing daily entries/reports

1.1 Setting a time span (b)

You can choose the time span from which the reports will be shown from right above the reports list. The options are the last 24h, last 3 days, a week, a month or all reports.

1.2 Searching (c)

You can search for reports with search terms.

1.3 Filters (d)

Another way to search for specific reports is to set a filter onto the report list. Filtering enables searching for reports with multiple keywords simultaneously.

N.B. If you sometimes feel like you can not see all reports, check if you have forgotten any filters on.

1.4 Report list (e)

On the report list you can find client`s reports. You can change the order of the reports by clicking each column`s topic.

1.5 Editing and deleting reports (f)

By clicking the blue pen at the end of the report list you can edit the report. By clicking the red cross you can delete the report. Both functions leave a marking to logs, which can be found in the report list at the end of the report row. If needed, you can also observe deleted reports by using the filter function.

2. Creating a new entry (g)

New entries/reports are made by clicking the “new entry” (“uusi kirjaus”) button. The button is located below the report list.

In order to make a new entry do as follows:

h) Choose a topic for the entry (type of the notice). You can write onto multiple topics simultaneously. The time of the event is automatically the time when you started writing the entry, but can also be changed when needed.

i) DomaCare brings up client`s goals when making entries. At the same time as writing entries you can evaluate the success of the goals set for them. 

j) Write a fitting text under the topic of your choosing. 

k) Add a new topic if you are writing simultaneously about multiple subjects, if desired. 

l) Finally, press “save” (“tallenna”). 

NB. You can edit the entry by clicking the editing pen. The original entry will still remain visible in client`s data. If you can not see the editing pen, check from the lower right corner if you have chosen “compact view” (“tiivis näkymä”). If you still can not see the editing pen, contact the main user as the problem has probably to do with user rights.