Billing of customers can be summarized into three parts: creating products, defining the payer, and adding services for the client.

1. Creating products

a) Both unit- and contract products are created in the “products” (“tuotteet”) section of the “billing” (“laskutus”) tab

  • Unit products are charged from clients and priced based on living units.
  • Contract products and charged and priced based on contracts.

b) You can add prices for already created products on the “billing” (“laskutus”) tab`s “price list” (“hinnasto”) section.


Here you can find more detailed instructions for creating  unit products and contract products.

Waiting periods:

A waiting period is the deduction that is done when a client is absent. Deduction can be directed to the date of departure, days of absence and arrival day. DomaCare by default selects the waiting period from the price list, but it is also possible to enable the so called default waiting period.

Here you can find more detailed information on waiting periods. Read more from here »

2. Defining the payer

a) Contract products 

– You can add a contract product for a client by clicking the button with a euro symbol on the “clients” (“asiakkaat”) tab`s “client`s information” (“asiakkaan tiedot”) section. 

The contract product that is now connected to the service contract is then automatically directed to the client`s service contract`s payer.

b) Unit products

– A list of unit products is made available to a client based on their housing unit.  These products will be charged from the client based on their utilization and are directed to the client`s own bill by default.

Terms of payment:

Unit products charged from the client can also be directed to another payer, such as a municipality or be divided between multiple payers. Similarly, if needed, we can also direct or divide contract products. This is done on the “clients” (“asiakkaat”) tab by editing the client`s information. On the upper right corner of the “client`s information” (“asiakkaan tiedot”) there is a euro sign, which takes you to the “client`s billing information” (“asiakkaan laskutustiedot”) view. Changes can be done to the terms of payment by clicking “payer`s information (“maksajien tiedot”).

Here you can find more detailed information on terms of payment. Read more here »

3. Adding services for a client

a) Different kinds of service packages can be offered to a client. There you can add regular services, for example care days or rent.

b) Additional products and services that are to be charged can be added by clicking “additional charges” (“lisää laskutettavaa”) on “client`s information” (“asiakkaan tiedot”) page. Physiotherapy and treatment supplies, for example. Home services, property work and meals can be charged with the mobile application. Of course physiotherapy and other products and services typically charged with the desktop application can as well be charged with the mobile application.

c) Client`s billing on the “bookings” tab happens simultaneously when sending off a task. A product is always specified along the task (for example: nurse`s visit, weekday, 7AM-9PM), which is sent to be charged from the client when the task is registered finished. This is done at the same as confirming the task, both with desktop application as with a mobile.

Here you can find additional information and more detailed instructions for charging clients with DomaCare. Read more here »