Through the ”clients” tab (“asiakkaat”) you get to the client information. You can also search for clients based on some basic information or look over a unit`s room list or monitor absences.

1. Clients tab

Your company`s units and clients can be seen on this tab. Which units you see on the list depends on your user rights.

2. Search function

Search for a client based on their name, for example.

3. Units

You can see the clients list by clicking the unit panel anywhere on the colored background. You can organize the clients list and other chart-formed lists by columns by clicking the topics on the gray background, such as “room” (“huone”) or “surname” (“sukunimi”) , like seen on the picture above. 

4. To the client's page

You can get to the client`s page by clicking the client`s row either on the unit`s list or after using the search function. 

5. Monitoring absences

On the absence monitoring page you can see the attendances and absences based the chosen unit and time period. 

6. Group entries

With this function you can send entries to multiple clients at the same time. This is useful for example when writing entries on stimulating activities for clients. 

7. Adding a new client

Read more about adding a new client here »