Once you have signed in the DomaCare front page opens before you. There you can see a lot of essential info and messages, or move to other parts of the program.

1. Tabs

Navigating within the system works through tabs. From the tabs you can find all the most important sections based on your actor. This means that you will only see the tabs that are attached to your actor.

  • Clients
  • Billing
  • Calendar
  • Chat
  • Statistics
  • Booking
  • Creating a new user

2. Upper menu

You can find these options from the upper menu: 

  • Birthdays of your clients
  • Message function to be used between users
  • Messages with administrators (information on updates)
  • Feedback channel for support requests and development ideas
  • Font enlargement tool (we don`t recommend enlarging the font over 120%,  because not all functions show up properly when enlarged that much)
  • Users personal memo
  • Users personal information
  • Instructions (opens instruction pages onto browser)
  • Locking of the program momentarily when taking a break
  • Signing out function
  • Closing the program (while simultaneously signing the user out)

3. Quick print

With the quick print option you can print referrals and various synopsis`, such as questions for doctors to ask on doctor`s rounds. We can customize different kinds of synopsis` to be added to quick prints, based on our customers` wishes. Lists such as relatives` contact information for party invitations on sticker sheets or lists of different care takers who have visited clients during the month.

4. Newest reports

Here you can see, for example, the entries (with pictures) from the last three days considering all of your clients. You can filter what you see by units.

5. Calendar reminders

Your units` reminders can be seen on the front page. For example, from the calendar reminders you can sign off doctor`s appointments straight to your clients daily entries. By clicking the “edit” button (“muokkaa” in Finnish) you can filter what you see.

6. System notifications

Here you can see the observations generated by the program, which you can filter with the edit function. There you can see the necessary prescribed medications, client`s treatment plans updating needs (if the processes are in use) as well as the EBMeDS (Evidence-Based Medicine electronic Decision Support) observations (aka virtual health check, if in use).